How ‘Checks’ work in the YouTube Studio?

Understanding the YouTube Studio ‘Checks’ feature and its benefits for creators

YouTube Studio has various features that help creators analyze and improve their channels. One of these features is the “Checks” feature, which provides insights and recommendations to help creators optimize their channel for success. In this article, we will explore what checks are in YouTube Studio and how they work.

Checks in YouTube Studio are a set of automated checks that analyze a channel’s content, settings, and other factors to provide recommendations to improve the channel’s performance. These checks are designed to help creators optimize their channel and reach a larger audience.

When a creator logs in to YouTube Studio, they will see the “Checks” tab in the left-hand menu. Clicking on this tab will show a list of all the available checks for the channel. The checks are divided into three categories: “Content”, “Channel”, and “Monetization”.

The “Content” checks focus on the actual content that is uploaded to the channel. These checks analyze the metadata, tags, and thumbnails of videos to provide recommendations for improving discoverability and engagement. For example, a content check might recommend adding more relevant tags or creating a custom thumbnail for a video.

The “Channel” checks focus on the overall channel settings and performance. These checks analyze factors such as channel keywords, descriptions, and channel art to provide recommendations for improving the channel’s appearance and discoverability. For example, a channel check might recommend adding a channel trailer or updating the channel description to better reflect the content.

The “Monetization” checks focus on the monetization status of the channel. These checks analyze factors such as AdSense account status, copyright strikes, and community guideline strikes to ensure that the channel meets the monetization requirements. For example, a monetization check might recommend resolving any copyright or community guideline strikes to avoid demonetization.

Once a creator runs a check, YouTube Studio will analyze the channel or video and provide recommendations for improvements. The checks are color-coded to indicate the severity of the issue, with red indicating a critical issue and green indicating a suggestion for improvement.

In conclusion, the “Checks” feature in YouTube Studio provides creators with automated recommendations to improve their channel’s performance. By regularly running these checks and making improvements based on the recommendations, creators can optimize their content and settings to reach a larger audience and achieve success on the platform.

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